Artist Music Discovery: A Guest Post from Daniel Flynn of Bouts

Artist Music Discovery with Daniel Flynn of Bouts

Here at seevl we are all about local music discovery and supporting independent artists. So we’ve decided to ask some Irish musicians to give us some insight about their music discovery habits!

Artist Music Discovery

For our Artist Music Discovery post we are thrilled to share this guest post from Daniel Flynn drummer from Dublin / Monaghan band Bouts with you. Bouts combine nineties indie and noisey guitar rock with a hint of inspiration from Pixies, Pavement, Wavves, The Thermals and MUCH more. They have been busy the last month touring their new album “Nothing Good Gets Away“. Daniel (second in from the left) took some time to tell us about his music discovery journey with our YouTube music discovery platform

Artist Music Discovery

Photo by Aideen McFadden


Discovering new music is hugely rewarding. It’s great to turn up to a rehearsal and say to the guys “Have you heard of so and so?” and then be able to either point them in the direction of something they’ll love or have a conversation about a new discovery that is exciting us at the minute. Sometimes the discoveries are brand new artists and sometimes they are classics that passed me by at the time. Even outside of the band most of my friends are massive music fans so large portions of my daily conversations revolve around music in some way.

When the guys at seevl asked me to have a poke around their new YouTube platform and see what I found I was intrigued. Finding new music to listen to is great but it can be time consuming if you are jumping from site to site, reading reviews, streaming tracks etc. seevl aims to take some of that hassle out of the process so I took it for a test drive.

I jumped straight in and searched for Savages, a band getting heavy rotation on my iPod at the moment. Their album was released in May of this year but it escaped my attention at the time. When I eventually got around to listening to it I loved it, the production is on the money and the songs demand repeat listening. They were also the recipients of a pretty amazing post from Sufjan Stevens about the typographical failings of their album cover.

Artist Music Discovery

SAVAGES – Silence Yourself

From here seevl offered up Mystery Jets as a suggestion owing to location (London) and genre (indie Rock) connections. I first heard of Mystery Jets when they opened an NME Rising Tour show a few years back. Having never heard of them before I was blown away by their performance there and immediately bought the album and everything they have released since. They’re massively under-rated so I’m always willing to spare a few minutes to revisit them. Incidentally the rest of the line-up for that night wasn’t too shabby either with We Are Scientists followed by Arctic Monkeys (just prior to the release of their debut album)and Maxïmo Park headlining. Not bad for about €25!

Artist Music Discovery

Mystery Jets on

I take a little left turn now and use genre to look for my next act. “Progressive Rock” brings me to a huge list of suitable artists but the one that jumps out straight away for me is At The Drive In. I know I should probably be looking for more new artists but I can’t resist the temptation to listen to one of the all-time greats. For a band with such a small catalogue these guys had a massive impact on the music scene and “Relationship of Command” is a stonewall classic that everyone should be familiar with.

Artist Music Discovery

At The Drive In on

In the interest of discovery I decide to now go for something completely different. seevl tells me that Zach Hill is a drummer/musician who has collaborated with people like Omar Rodriguez (At the Drive In/ The Mars Volta), Nels Cline (Wilco) and Wavves and as a drummer myself I figure he’s worth a shot. His track “Dark Art” grabs my attention first and from what I’ve heard so far I will definitely be listening to more of his material.

Artist Music Discovery

Zach Hill on

This is what a service like seevl does well, it allows you to enjoy music that you know you like while also offering you the chance to intersperse that with new discoveries. The process of searching and researching is simplified allowing you to just enjoy the music.

Artist Music Discovery

Album cover by Darragh Nolan

Thanks Daniel for sharing your Artist Music Discovery journey with us. I’ve been listening to that track by Zach Hill on repeat, he’s a serious drummer! I got myself a copy of the Bouts new album “Nothing good gets away” and it’s a cracker! It comes in clear green vinyl and numbers are limited, so get yourself a copy from Wonkey Karousel Records before they’re all gone!

Artist Music Discovery

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