Web Summit 2013: A Photo Essay

web summit experience by https://twitter.com/peter0shea

Web Summit 2013

The MDG Web team was at the Web Summit in force this year! Alex was pitching our music discovery platform seevl in the Main Hall to a full house. We just launched seevl.fm and seevl for Deezer the day before so this was an exciting time for us.

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web summit experience by https://twitter.com/peter0shea


Web Summit Live Team

I made my way to the event as part of the Web Summit “Live Team“. The Live Team was and is a bunch of bloggers, buzz builders and social media heads asked to cover the event LIVE as it happens using #websummit and #liveteam hashtags across various social media platforms! Here’s full list of this years Web Summit live team members on twitter.

Follow them they are an interesting bunch! This brings me to the live team capes by Elva Carri:

Elva: “I thought ‘liveteam’ sounded a little like a superhero crew, so i checked if they had capes. They didn’t. But there was some definite interest in getting some, and so the madness began.”

So began Elva’s drawings of the live team members! There is a full list of all the Live Team capes on her blog. Thanks Elva! Here’s mine:

web summit experience by https://twitter.com/peter0shea


Startups in the Alpha-village

The buzz in the Alpha-Village was inspiring! Over the two days of Web Summit hundreds of startups setup their booths and demoed to potential clients and future investors! For me this is what the Web Summit is about and so I tried to cover this area as much as possible.

web summit experience by https://twitter.com/peter0shea

sixminute games

I talked to Irish Indie developers, sixminute games creators of addictive Monster Mini Games for Facebook. CEO John Halloran explains that after moving on from Pop Cap, he and Séadna Long started sixminute and in just under a year they have 6 different Monster Mini Games for you to play! All of which are just as addictive as Candy Crush! While I was trying out “Flapper” I didn’t realise that there was a queue forming behind me! The sixminute booth became the go to arcade machine of the Alpha-village!

web summit experience by https://twitter.com/peter0shea


Another startup that caught my attention amongst all the noise in the Aplha-village was Russian extreme sports app “RIDERS“. RIDERS is a cool app helps you to “learn new tricks, improve your skills and share your progress within a global Riders community” with instruction videos for BMX, Skateboarding, repairs and much more! I asked them what they thought of the Web Summit and they said “it’s the first event they’ve been to an event like this, we’ve met many skaters in suits!”. If you’re an extreme sports enthusiast check it out.

web summit experience by https://twitter.com/peter0shea

Tony Hawk interviewed by Kevin Rose

A talk myself and many others were looking forward to on the first day was the fireside chat with Tony Hawk (Skating legend / Entrepreneur / Founder) and Kevin Rose (Investor and Founder). During their brief talk Kevin asked Tony about skating , entrepreneurship and gaming technology used for his own brand Pro Skater games. Kevin also threw him a curve ball question or two, “iOs or Android?” To which Tony calmly responded: “Which ever is supporting my games, so both!”. This brought their chat to a close and as with a lot of the talks at this years event I found myself settling in just before it came to an end.

web summit experience by https://twitter.com/peter0shea


More highlights of the Web Summit

Keynote from Adam Williams of Spotify

This took place on the Digital Marketing Stage (my favourite stage). Adam Williams talked about new Spotify features and his experience as Spotify’s UK sales director and the impact that technology and the web have had on marketing a digital company.

web summit experience by https://twitter.com/peter0shea

NASDAQ opening bell

The opening bell of the NASDAQ! There was a huge hype and buzz around the main stage during the ringing of the bell with a live feed to New Yorks times square. After the count down an Taoiseach Enda Kenny gave an empowering speech about Ireland and our position in the tech industry “welcome to Dublin, capital of Ireland. Welcome to Ireland Tech capital of the WORLD!”

web summit experience by https://twitter.com/peter0shea


Big Data for Good or for Ill

Stefan Decker, Jon Oringer, Nick Halstead, Johnny Ryan, Billy Hawkes and Philip Nolan had an insightful panel discussion about the current impact of Big Data and what the future may hold! This talk was aptly located on the library stage with an audience so enthralled you could hear a pin drop.

The Food Summit

This  year wholesome organic Irish produce was provided by good food Ireland and served up with a smile from friendly staff to over 7,000 web summit attendees! “They expected 5,000 and ended up dishing out all the produce they had for the two days” read more about this on Darina Allen’s blog.

Night summit

With music from Le Galaxie, TeiranniesaurThe Cast of Cheers, We Cut Corners and more!  You can read more about the bands and listen to them on 7BillionPeople.

The Web Summit was overall an amazing experience. Across the two days of networking, exchanging of business cards, Fireside talks, panels and pitches I met so many interesting people (live team) and startups and I hope to attend it again next year.

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Social Media Manager for seevl / MDG Web, drummer with So Cow and teacher of drums. Member of the 2013 Dublin Web Summit LiveTeam. Loves music, tech, gaming, teaching, learning, building bikes and some coding.

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