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If you’re reading this you probably know about seevl, but you may be wondering who MDG Web is? MDG Web (Music and Data Geeks) is our company name, aside from our very own music discovery platform seevl we’ve made Deezer music apps for Rock Sound and Clash Music!! We are an award winning and highly qualified team of music lovers, developers and marketers that love building rockin’ apps from API’s, web data and more! The MDG Web band consists of Co-founders Dr. Alexandre Passant (Guitar/Bass), Julie Letierce (Vocals) and rhythm section Niall Ryan (Bass) and Pete O’Shea (Drums)! MDG Web is based in Dublin’s silicon docks incubator Dogpatch Labs!

Irish Web Awards 2013music and data geeks

MDG Web have just recently been nominated as quarter finalists for the Irish Web Awards along side some of our favourite Irish tech startups and blogs. We’ve been selected for both Best Responsive Design and Most Beautiful Website in Ireland categories! Awe shucks, Thanks!

We are proud to be releasing this nominated website for your viewing pleasure! We’ve been here for a short while and in that time we created seevl to help music lovers discover new and relative music. We want to show you who we are and what else we can do, so check out MDG Webs new site today.

What? More exciting news about our music apps!?

Along with this nomination we’ve another exciting milestone coming up, the release of our new YouTube music platform AND the re-release of seevl for Deezer!! All this happens on the 29th of October, so be sure to mark that date in your calendar!

music apps

If you can’t wait until then for, you can still get in on the beta action here.

If you are a brand, publisher or music loving company you might want to get that extra reach that you couldn’t before! With our apps and previous track record, we can introduce you to a whole world of music fans! We want to work with you and give music fans the music apps they deserve! Just shoot us an e-mail:



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Social Media Manager for seevl / MDG Web, drummer with So Cow and teacher of drums. Member of the 2013 Dublin Web Summit LiveTeam. Loves music, tech, gaming, teaching, learning, building bikes and some coding.

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