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Music discovery has so many forms, we should know! :) When we’re not discovering new music on seevl for Deezer or Youtube, we love to read about new local Irish artists. There is no better place to do this than independent Irish music blogs. Here’s our choices of some of the Irish music blogs out there that we love to read.

Irish Music Blogs:

Harmless Noise

All posts are from “Carefree lady” Nay McArdle. “I Love Music” is the first thing you read when you’re on the Harmless Noise music blog. This passion for music comes across when you read her articles about Irish independent artists. We rely a lot on Nay’s gig guide for discovering new upcoming gigs. So we contacted Nay and she told us about her favourite Irish band:

“I’d say my favourite band is BATS. They have a razor-sharp edge, intelligent and yet supremely fun, their grasp of melody and timing is sublime to behold. A favourite song is a hard one! “Star Wormwood” I think, it sums up all the scientific hope for what the future holds.”


The Point of everything

Run by Cork based blogger and music enthusiast Eoghan O’Sullivan. TPOE blog reviews all types of independent Irish bands from all four corners of our green island. We contacted Eoghan and asked him about his favourite Irish band:

“My favourite Irish band at the moment is probably The Altered Hours. It might be because they’re from Cork, like me! It’s also a) because their live show is immense and b) because they’ve gotten a following, a label deal, and recorded with a renowned German producer, with next to no media coverage. Once you see The Altered Hours live the first time they’ll leap to the top of your favourite new band list. Here’s their best song, “Sweet Jelly Roll.”



Is run by three connoisseurs of independent Irish music, Conor O’Toole a broadcaster and blogger, Barry English writer of The Codologist and drummer extraordinaire, and Michael Carr a broadcaster, PR man and Jawa settlement attacker (according to the bio). Together theyarenoise and they provide promos and new releases from the cream of Irish acts under the radar. We got in touch with the lads and Conor got back to us with his recommendation:

“My fave at the moment, I’ll go with The Altered Hours, “Sweet Jelly Roll” (We mentioned that they’re quite a popular choice). If you want to squeeze another one in go for The Last Sound, “Only The Lonely Know The Glow Is Failing.”



nialler9 is one of Irelands most popular music blogs. Started in November of 2005 by Niall Byrne the blog reviews music from all genres including international and Independent Irish artists. If you are unaware of this blog get on it! We contacted Niall and he gave us his current recommendation:

” My favourite Irish band at the moment is Come On Live Long because they’ve released a stellar debut album “Everything Fall” that steps up from their debut. (Listen to it on nialler9). My favourite track from it is “Wasteland”, the opener which is a microcosm of what they can do”. They don’t have video for that track yet so here’s their video for “Little Ones” instead!


The Community of Independents

Last but not least The Community of Independents is a TV show about independent Irish artists from all walks of life, and is aired on Dublin Community TV. Episodes have featured bands, artists, record store owners and much more. Check out their documentary “A Joyful Slog”, it’s a great insight to some of Ireland’s DIY bands and culture over the last 5-20 years.


Those are some excellent music recommendations! Reading (and watching) these music blogs is a great way to discover those independent Irish artist that don’t have their music catalogue on major streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer. These blogs will get album streaming premiers so they are the place to go if you want to keep up to date with local Irish artists.

A big thank you to Nay, Eoghan, Conor and Niall of their input. Now go check out their music blogs! Enjoy the Tunes Pete.



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